How To Create an Exotic Garden: Some Exotic Garden Ideas

By Bernard de la Mare

Some of the most beautiful plants on our planet are the exotic plants. Many people would love to create a beautiful garden, but simply lack exotic garden ideas.

If you are not the biggest gardening expert, all you really need to know is that with an exotic garden you are looking to plant lush and colorful flowers and plants.

It is not difficult to create such a garden, so long as you have the time to do a little research before you begin.

For inspiration, I recommend starting with a visit to your local library. Take a look at the fantastic gardening encyclopaedias that are available on thousands of different and interesting plants.

Take the time to study the various plants that are available to create your own amazing exotic garden. A true paradise right in your own home!

Everybody has different ideas about gardening, and the plants mentioned below are just a few of the very many choices available to you.


aeoniumAeonium is a truly stunning plant. It is found in almost every exotic garden, because they have such beautiful flesh and foliage full of amazing geometrical patterns. The most popular Aeonium is the Schwarzkof, which has woody, dark maroon stems. The leaves are a beautiful dark purple, almost black, which truly simmer when the sun hits them.Find more information on Sheds First from

They are not a very hardy plant, so you do have to protect them if the temperatures drop below freezing. They defoliate during the winter, but should come back in spring so long as you water them properly. Place them in full sunshine as much as possible, in very well drained soil.

You also have to make sure that the soil is of poor quality, something that most exotic plants enjoy. Once the plant is established, it does not require excessive watering. They are best placed in containers, not in the least because this allows you to bring them in during the winter.

Arum Lily, Calla Lily

Calla LillyThe Arum Lily is a beautiful flower. The leaves are green and arrow shaped and the flowers appear from spring onwards at the top of the massive stalks. The leaves of the flowers are called a spathe, and they fold over a yellow spike.

The most desirable Arum Lily in an exotic garden is the Green Goddess. This has beautiful green flowers. It is quite a hardy flower, particularly if protected with a good mulch. The foliage will die completely during autumn, but it will come back.

If you live in a particularly cold area, you may want to dig up the tubers and store them. Best of all, this is the type of plant that can also be placed inside a pond rather than just in containers, for a beautiful exotic pond.

They like full sun, but will fare equally well in dappled shade. The soil must be able to retain moisture, so ensure it is well mulched. They do require quite a lot of water in order to establish, but just require mulch after that, particularly if the plant becomes floppy. They are fantastic to add a touch of brightness in a dull corner.

Bird of Paradise, Crane Flower

crane flowerThe Bird of Paradise is a very well-known plant. Very few people who have an exotic garden don’t have at least one of these planted. They are evergreens, meaning they look amazing all year long. They form clumps and are best suited as a perennial. Their stalks are very long and their leaves are blue to green in color, leathery and very tough.

The flowers, however, are the most stunning part of this particular plant. They look like beaks, with three sepals in a brilliant orange, as well as three petals in a blue to purple color. These are all contained in a red edged bract, shaped like a boat, which you will be able to enjoy from winter right the way through to spring.

Between summer and autumn, it is a foliage plant that is very tropical looking. These are fantastic to give your garden that bit of color during the winter. They are reasonably hardy, but only for short periods of time. They don’t like the wind so make sure they are well protected.

Most people bring them inside during the winter months, giving it a holiday during the summer. They love to be in the full sun and require reasonably poor soil with a lot of grit. If you place them in a pot, you should allow them to get pot bound as this will create the most amazing flowers.

If they are fed too much, they will not flower. They don’t need a lot of water. In fact, during the summer, the natural rains are more than sufficient. In terms of where to place them, these flowers need to be shown off.